Who are we?

MILEN is an international network of Media and Information Literacy (MIL) experts. We operate from four continents: Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. MILEN is founded and supported by Deutsche Welle Akademie.

Our members come from different backgrounds in journalism, citizen engagement and development cooperation. Each of them contributes in a unique way to freedom of expression, an open and diverse debate, equal access to technologies and information, and empowering critical media consumers and producers.


Each of our experts has a recognised expertise in their area and proven track record in the field. Read about their recent endeavours and practical field work here!


Programs on MIL training, fighting misinformation, community reporting, mobile journalism & much more. Learn more about the skills and services MILEN has in-house.






The Latest in MIL

We make a point of keeping up with current events and adapting our strategies accordingly. Follow our Blog to know more!


“Year-by-year we see more people who think critically when analyzing media content”


Our Team

Our Experts make optimal use of their diverse backgrounds to support, develop and promote new initiatives in the field of Media and Information Literacy.

Currently, we are based in Cambodia, Namibia, Uganda, Bolivia, the Netherlands, Palestine, India, Moldova, Brazil, Arab World, and Georgia.

Our Work

MILEN supports, develops and implements practical solutions to challenges in Media and Information Literacy. We have a selection of methods we use to bring MIL to communities worldwide:

Is there anything in our Skills & Services that sparked your interest? We invite you to know more about our different projects and regional expertise!

Further Reads!

Our blog is updated every other week, but we hand-picked a couple of articles you might fancy.


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